Who’s in charge? You or your Mindset?


If you want to change your results, change your mindset.

Sometimes it’s called your “subconscious“, sometimes it’s called your “mindset” – but what ever it’s called, it’s what controls who you are, how you behave, and yes – how successful you are. It’s the thoughts that run around inside your head when you “aren’t thinking” but they are all-controlling.

Most business owners start their own business with little more than their passion for what it is they do. Little or no capital, but bags of enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, it takes much more than passion to build a successful business. You must have the specific vision to see want your business to accomplish (big picture) and the timescale that you want to achieve it in. That’s your goal, so if you know the direction to take to produce the results you want you are well on the way to having a plan.

But you need more. Your subconscious, your mindset, is the most powerful force in the universe.

Our thoughts are the controlling factor in what we are as people and what we create in our lives for ourselves and those around us. By constantly directing your thoughts positively to imagine and then create the specific vision for you will start doing it “automatically” In your business you will start applying the right strategies and tactics to grow and develop the business. You are planning for success, and following The Plan.

How to implement success…

Think about it. Literally. Creating a positive, wealthy mindset requires action from you. You must create a mindset that’s focused on performing your highest impact and highest income-producing activities every single day. Some Positive Mindset practitioners even suggest devoting 10 minutes per day to just “thinking wealthy” if that’s what you want to achieve.

If you’re not happy with your business’ current results, then ask yourself why in a number of different ways and be brutally honest as you answer it. And don’t take “I’ll do it later” as an answer!

The ultimate question is: WHY are you failing to generate the revenue and profits you expect from your business? Let’s break it down a little:

  • WHY are you getting such poor results?
  • WHY are you failing to attract wonderful clients?
  • WHY are you attracting the wrong clients?

One of the things that I’ve seen over the years is that people who are broke, struggling or just getting by – don’t think the same way as people who are financially well-off. The people with the money simply don’t have the same mindset as financially challenged people do, and therefore they behave very differently. They expect to have money, they expect to be wealthy, they believe it to be true.

In short, they take different actions.

“So what has this got to do with me”

Most small business owners have been mentally conditioning themselves along certain lines: “I can’t afford that, it’ll have to wait”, “If I don’t do it myself, it won’t be done properly.”, “To make more money, I have to work harder”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” And the really damaging part is that the longer they think, the truer it becomes because they believe it.

These beliefs lead to specific actions such as working more hours and working harder in a hopeless attempt to increase revenue and profits. That leads to predictably poor results such as feelings of being overwhelmed, anger, anxiety and frustration… and a deep-seated belief that even more effort is required, even though the results point elsewhere.

What are your current beliefs? What effect are they having on you and your business today and every day?

For example:

Do you procrastinate or succumb to other mental activities that may be sabotaging your success?

Are you aware of, and focused on, your highest profit-producing activities?

Are you ensuring that  all of your non-profit generating, less productive tasks are delegated out to others (employees or contract help).

Do you know the specific steps you can take every day to immediately create a positive, wealth creating mindset?”

Would you like to know how you can learn to develop these critical skills?

If you want to see how you as a business owner can change the way you think about everything, then book an initial call with me.

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