Strategic Growth Analysis

Most people want “more sales”. In our experience more profit is really what delivers the gains. By analysing what the Business does, and understanding why it does it, a number of quick-wins can usually be found that start generating immediate benefit.

Every business needs at least seven functional areas, and we examine them all: Marketing, Sales, Production, Delivery and Invoicing, Finance, IT, HR, Compliance. While often combined, they should all be present, and they should all be managed. How many does your Company have?

Working in the business vs working on the business

Working in the business can be enjoyable – after all, you’ve been doing it for years and not only can you do it in your sleep, but you are the best person you know for the job. In fact no-one else comes close to your abilities.

Working in the business is not strategic. We show you the 3 levels of business from the “doing” at Level 3, through managing at Level 2, to Strategic Direction at Level 1. We also show you the most effective way to transform yourself and your business as you move from Level 3 to Level 1.

We start by listening

No-one knows your business better than you do, and no-one can describe it better than you can.

We know what to ask, and you have the answers and together we build a picture of where to take the business next. We can build 2, 3, 5 or even 10 year plans and then populate them will achievable milestones.

It all starts with a free Business Health Check, so why no ask for yours today.