I’m Charlie McClelland and I am the owner of ASGF

ASGF stands for  A Strategic Growth Facilitator and that’s what I do. That means that I talk to you in a very open, honest and understandable way, listening to  your issues and aspirations, be it simply having a 3 or 5 year plan, or looking for a exit strategy that doubles the sale price of your business, or anything in between.

If you want to know my life history, then go view my bio

I’m passionate about making the changes that will transform your business, so let’s get together on the phone for an initial chat. You can book a slot here.

I’ve spent years building up knowledge of great tools that will help you succeed and it’s resulted in a number of excellent partnerships:

“Charlie showed me how to grow my business by doing things better – understanding my target clients, improving sales conversions and making better use of the staff I have. The result was fantastic – turnover increased by 25% from £850k to £1.1m within a year, and we are going from strength to strength. ”
Adam, Managing Director, Crafty Clicks

The 3 stages of business growth:

1: The problem – Do you recognise Bob?

2: How I help – Light at the end of the tunnel

3: Working together – the Plan FOR the Business


The simplest way to get things done by your teams, easily quickly and thoroughly

The best structured planning and analysis tool for aspirational SMEs

Know your numbers
(includes forecasting)

Keep your best customers
and help them keep theirs

Wondering what  VFD-Pro is.

Well you’ll have to wait until the official release date