Support Programmes

Using well proven techniques we will show you how to be running the business, instead of being in it: moving from doing a job to being in charge of your destiny.

Your Benefits:

  • Financial
  • Sales Growth
  • Profit Increase
  • Increased Team productivity
  • Cashflow Improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Understanding your Numbers
  • Goals reached – a sense of achievement
  • Sleeping well at night
  • Wealth Creation
  • Non-Financial
  • Increased Team productivity
  • Time to think about the things you want to
  • Guidance to improve
  • Reduced/mitigated risks
  • The workplace culture that you want
  • Goals reached – a sense of achievement
  • Goals reached – a sense of achievement
  • Sleeping well at night
  • Improved Confidence (in everything you do)

We provide all the advice, consultancy, mentoring and assistance you need, setting out a logical and proven way to grow the business, releasing you from the stress and pressures you are currently feeling by developing the strong foundations and building up from there, typically with workshops.

Every business is different, and will need differing amounts of help in different areas, but the whole business will be forensically examined – these are some examples:

  • The business – overall definition
    The big “why!. Why are you in business?
  • Your Customer Strategy
    Who would you choose for your dream customers?
  • Your Sales Strategy
    How to qualify/convert prospects.  How to charge more, and get paid on time?
  • Your Competition Strategy
    Who else is out there and what makes you more desirable?
  • Your Marketing Strategy
    What are you saying and who is taking notice. What is your call to action?
  • Your Operations
    How slick are they, is it a well-oiled “sausage machine” or do you keep getting “complications”.
  • Your employees
    How do you see them, and they you? Hiring. Are they happy enough to make you lots of money?
  • Your numbers and your cost base
    Let me show you what you numbers want to tell you! They are a Gold-mine of great information when unlocked correctly

The Business Start-up Programme is for Business Owners that are in overall good shape and have few, if any, employees and a turnover under £100k.

You will be passionate about what you do and want guidance on how to turn your passion into a thriving business.

The Business Growth programme is for Business Owners that feel they should be doing better:  the business is “fine”, has a few staff but isn’t going anywhere and the turnover is between £100k and £500k.

You want guidance on how to make your business thrive.

The ASGF Bespoke Programme is a modular approach for business owners that are in “OK – good” shape and want to improve their management team and everything under it.

Typically, it is for business with a turnover between £500k and £5m with 5 or more employees.

You are skilled at what you do and are looking to spend less time in the business and spend more time doing the things that you enjoy, whilst watching the business grow.