Time to exit the business?

You should be in business knowing how and when you will “retire, sell-up, or give it to the kids” 
How much thought have you given to where you and your business will be in 3, 5 or 10 years?

There are some options below for you to consider

You love it, you hate it, are somewhere in between, or have an itch to do something else, but for your own reasons you’ve had enough. You want to have an orderly and lucrative way out.

Whatever the reason, ASGF can help maximise the value that you receive for your business, often doubling the amount that the business is eventually sold for.

You don’t have to sell when you are exit ready – but when you are, you can sell for the price you want, because there are no unwelcome surprises for you or for your buyer.

If you fancy a new challenge, would like to be bought-out by a bigger player, or you have reached the point at which you’d like to retire, or are simply planning ahead to leave your loved ones a great legacy, ASGF, together with Succession Plus, can help.

Whether it’s succession planning or simply a sale, we’ll make sure you get what you want and deserve, but don’t wait until you want out – the earlier you start the planning process, the more you will receive for your life’s work.

Many business are still very much built around the original founder, so if it’s you, you need to make certain that the business can work without you. When Owner Dependency is too high, the sale price of the business plummets – after all, who wants Your Business without You?

We show you how to reduce Owner Dependency to Zero, and you see your sale price multiply.

When it comes to passing the business on, have you got a succession plan in place? Is your second-in-command ready to take the reins with a robust team in place to maintain or grow what you are leaving them?

Many business fail when they are handed on because the Owner didn’t let go, and didn’t have a great management team in place that were already running a lot of the business.

We show you how to put a great team in place, and you see your business thrive when you’ve handed it on.

After many years of success, you’ll be wanting to “hang up your boots” and enjoy a different pace of life. Make sure that your plans include how to streamline the Business for a great future, with someone you know, or someone you don’t. Either way, we help you plan and fund the retirement that you are looking for.

You’ve had a great time, you’ve taken the business as far as you want to, but know it can go so much further if it was acquired by the right company – someone interested in what you do, interested in investing in the Company and your people.

We can show you how be come an attractive acqusition target and maximise the amount invested in your company to take it to the next level.